Aggressive Criminal Defense: Attorney Carol Long Protects Your Freedom

You need the right lawyer when fighting allegations of driving under the influence, aggravated crimes, weapons charges, homicide and other charges.

Ms. Long protects the rights of the young, old and everyone in between who have been wrongly accused or who have been mistreated by the criminal justice system.

Protect Your Rights

DUI Charges

Aggravated Crimes

Defending Young People

Police Macroaggression In California

When law enforcement crosses the line, you need an attorney who is not afraid to step forward. Excessive use of force, slighting constitutional protections, verbal attacks and racial profiling are a few of the common methods police officers use to intimidate.

The state and U.S. Constitution protect you from unreasonable searches of your person and property. Yet, police overreach persists. Malicious behavior, false arrests and deaths in custody also continue. Attorney Carol Long takes the time to listen to your story. She investigates the whole picture of your arrest. She is not afraid to take on the police and challenge the accusations with an aggressive defense.

Convictions For Violent Crimes Carry Harsh Penalties

A conviction for domestic violence, kidnapping, robbery, homicide and aggravated crimes can result in high fines, prison time and a lifelong record limiting your freedom to choose long after you have paid your fines and done your time. Your social reputation, your professional career and your family relationships are in jeopardy.

Ms. Long has been defending clients for more than 20 years in this fast-growing area of the state. She draws from more than two decades of knowledge and experience in the criminal justice system. She will help you understand the charges you are contending with, answer your questions and build a strategy for the most favorable outcome possible.

Case Results


Case dismissed before trial for a client facing 17+ years for accusations of committing a gang related crime. Ms. Long was able to disprove every claim made by police, causing the district attorney to dismiss the case.


A second-degree murder case was dismissed in Solano County Superior Court in 2019. Ms. Long proved insufficient evidence and lack of probable cause to continue holding a suspect – who had already spent over a year in jail – for trial.

Carol Long

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Serving Solano, Contra Costa And Alameda Counties For More Than 20 Years.

Achieving Justice Under The Law

No probable cause for your arrest? The criminal charge may be dismissed. While there is no guarantee what is going to happen in your situation, Ms. Long knows the law and will make your right to due process the courtroom focus. She is a criminal defense attorney who is as interested in achieving justice and protecting your liberty as you are. Call her office today at 707-900-4459 for a consultation.