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Meet Carol Long

Defense attorney Carol Long has been serving clients throughout Solano, Contra Costa and Alameda counties for more than two decades. She is a criminal defense attorney who aggressively pursues justice and protects your liberty. She takes on tough cases because she cares about her clients. She knows how a conviction, especially if wrongfully made, infringes on your freedom.

In just two decades, she has built a well-respected reputation amongst her clients and peers for her personalized straightforward approach, negotiation skills and litigation prowess.

Read more about Ms. Long’s professional background by following the link here.

Courtroom Mastery Is Just Part Of The Equation

Serving justice is not just about defeating the police in the courtroom, it is about protecting your constitutional rights. You have a right to be free of unreasonable searches of your person and property. You have a right to be informed of your rights by law enforcement. You have a right to hear whether the arresting officers had probable cause to stop and arrest you. These are only a few of your many fundamentally protected rights.

From facing drunk driving charges, drug charges, to allegations of gang-related homicide and other crimes, everyone – including people who have never been arrested as well as those who are familiar with the criminal justice system – deserves due process under the law. Attorney Long will investigate the full circumstances surrounding your arrest, clarify the charges you are facing and provide a clear explanation of the various legal options available to you for the best possible outcome.

Ms. Long cannot guarantee the outcome of your case. No lawyer can. But what she will guarantee is that she will work her hardest to uphold your rights – all of them – every step of the way. Read what some of her former clients have said about hiring her for their cases on her testimonials page.

Arrested? Under Investigation? Call Attorney Carol Long Now.

Reach the Law Office of Carol Long in Fairfield by calling 707-900-4459 or emailing the firm. Do not hesitate to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible if you suspect that you are under investigation or are facing an arrest.