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Criminal Defense Lawyer Fairfield, California

California’s criminal justice system is a complicated mixture of statutes and case law, both of which are made more challenging with continual updates. What was so last year may not be so this year or next year. If you are under investigation or facing an arrest for allegations of criminal charges, you need an attorney who is current on the statutes and case law to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

Attorney Carol Long not only stays current with all updates but she is also known as a criminal defense attorney who walks beside her clients every step of the way in allegations involving:

Call the Law Office of Carol Long when you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight a sophisticated battle for you.

A Full-Service Criminal Defense Attorney Who Helps With The Whole Picture

Attorney Long presses in to find out her client’s side of the story and looks to gather all facts that led to their arrest. The facts often point to California’s law enforcement officers intimidating a client. Some officers are known to use tactics such as:

  • Racial profiling
  • False arrest
  • Excessive use of force
  • Verbal attacks
  • Slighting constitutional protections
  • Other malicious behavior

This type of intimidation directly violates a person’s rights. Attorney Long is not afraid to call out law enforcement and put it on the record when this happens. Working hard for clients also includes negotiating with the prosecution and the judge to see a client’s whole circumstances when a sentence comes down rather than sentencing merely on precedent.

Speak With An Attorney Who Challenges Accusations With An Aggressive Defense

If you are serious about having your case handled by a serious defense lawyer, email or call the Law Office of Carol Long in Fairfield at 707-900-4459. The key difference when working with Ms. Long is that she is highly skilled at achieving favorable outcomes for her clients. She does not guarantee outcomes but knows California’s criminal justice system inside and out. She will not back down. Read what former clients say on Ms. Long’s client testimonials page.